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pdf_gif Confronto codici bidimensionali [ITA]

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(*) Is the hash SHA-1 of file

Over the years we have constantly invested in the development of codes that meet the increasingly demanding requirements (density, capacity, scalability and security) arising from the new needs of companies, organizations and public administrations.

To this purpose we have developed
2D-Plus ® a high density two-dimensional graphical code. Thanks to its unique features it is capable of overcoming the limitations of traditional codes including Paper e-Sign® * technology:

  • Variable dimension of the layout - the structure has a squared frame, but its final size is dynamic: it increases to contain all the necessary information.  
  • Variable error correction code - the percentage of ECC (Error Correction Code) can be selected when you create the graphical code.  It’s possible to select a percentage of redundancy that ranges from 1% to 50%. The error-correcting code chosen is the Reed-Solomon.
  • Binary encoding - 2D-Plus ® code natively handles the data as binary sequences; therefore it has no constraints on the set of characters in use.
  • Density of information up to 240 Kb per square inch - the equipment needed for the reacquisition of the code varies from "off-the-shelf" equipment for the mass market to more professional equipment.

* (PDF 417, Xerox Datagliphs, Datamatrix, ecc)