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Analysis result with VirusTotal



(*) Is the SHA-256 hash of the file.

2D-Plus® Decoder is the program needed to decode the "Timbro Digitale" 2D-Plus®  on documents. This software was developed for the Windows® platform.

A setup file is provided to install all the necessary software for the proper functioning of the application.

In order for the 2D-Plus Decoder® to capture and decode all the data in the "Timbro Digitale" 2D-Plus®  your computer must have a Twain-
compatible scanner configured and be connected to it.

Note#1: Warning for Microsoft Windows XP operating systems [Continue Reading]

Note#2: Decoder 2D-Plus® is based on Microsoft Windows platforms. It can be used on MacOS X platforms through Wine emulator.

Before realese, each new version is checked by VirusTotal platform. Not updated antivirus versions could wrongly warning about presence of malware inside Decoder 2DPlus. We suggest to update your own antivirus to last release available, before you download this installer.

For any type of reporting in case of errors, malfunctions, anomalies etc, it's available our Trouble Ticket site, to this address:

It's also available our Facebook page to read more informations and updates about 2D-Plus™ technology:


In case decoding of Digital Stamp™ produces an error message during validation of Automatic Digital Signature, it's necessary proceeding with update of Certification Authorities (CA) list supported by Decoder. This procedure is illustrated in following document (in italian):

Update CA