Timbro Digitale 2D-Plus®
platform description
In Italy the Codice dell´Amministrazione Digitale (D.Lgs.85/2005) allows the use of digital identification in identifying and assuring the absolute authentication of electronic documents. But once printed out, the authenticity of the data contained in the document and date of its creation are lost. The printed out document then has to be signed in the traditional manner thereby loosing it´s digital signature and the advantages of it´s digital formatting.

In other words, when a digital document is printed out it looses the integrity of it´s digital signature.

Our Digitale 2D-Plus® solution to this problem allows that a digital document´s legal integrity be kept intact through the use of an accredited Certification Authority. The entire document, along with its digital signature is transformed into a high density two dimensional code and printed on paper insuring the authority of entire document and its digital signature (entire packet PKCS #7).

In 2001 we introduced the concept of "digital signature on paper" (Paper e-Sign®, 2001) worldwide thereby bridging the gap between paper documents and digitally signed documents. This process is known today as Timbro Digitale.

Timbro Digitale is the only technological way to legally insure the integrity of a documents digital signature once it is printed out.